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I can be contacted at webb3040@gmail.com
The images can be viewed, downloaded, and shared on any smart device or PC/laptop device. The following download instructions are for a PC/laptop device. Open the gallery by clicking on the link above.
1. Click the select button on the top right above the thumbnail images. Scroll through the gallery and click on each image you would like to download. Scroll back to the top of the gallery and click the download button. Single image selections will download directly to your computer. If you select more than a single image you will be given a request for your email and then be notified when the zip file is ready.​
The images are sized and formatted to produce photo-quality prints up to 8x12. Enjoy!
E-1: 12/13 Boys 3ME-1: 12/13 Girls 1ME-2: 11U Boys PlatformE-2: 11U Girls PlatformE-3: 16/18 Boys 3ME-3: 16/18 Girls 1ME-4: 14/15 Boys 3ME-4: 14/15 Girls 1ME-5: 11U Boys 1ME-5: 11U Girls 3ME-6: 12/13 Girls PlatformE-7: 16/18 Boys 1ME-7: 16/18 Girls 3ME-8: 14/15 Girls PlatformE-9: 12/13/14/15 Boys PlatformE-10: 11U Girls 1ME10: 11U Boys 3ME-11: 16/18 Girls PlatformE-12: 12/13 Boys 1ME-12: 12/13 Girls 3ME-13: 14/15 Boys 1ME-13: 14/15 Girls 3ME-14: 16/18 Boys PlatformMisc Event Images